JIO Now In 160 Rupees

Jio will now replace Rs 550, everything in 160 rupees, know what is this explosion

After coming into the market, Xiao has made more than 10 million users who have not been able to do so in the telecom industry till date. The name of Geo Company in India is nowadays on everybody’s tongue, but why not? In addition to spreading their business in the Geo market, the profit will be earned and the poor people of the country are also getting an opportunity to join the internet.

By giving free internet for 6 months in the country, Geo’s generosity is going to continue even further for the Indian public. According to the news, shortly after the arrival of Geo will start its DTH service and that too at very cheap prices. This will enable the poorest of the poorer people of India to take advantage of the world’s best TV channels in their home. It is being said that Geo will provide more than 350 HD channels per month under its DTH service, only 160 rupees. Which is currently available at the cost of Rs 550.

Obviously, when the DTH service of Geo is started, giant companies like Airtel and Tata will face difficulties. Because when everything will get Rs 160 then why would the customer cost Rs 550? We hope that the poor people of our country remain under the umbrella of live and very soon the DTH service of Geo will be launched. We want to request the reader to stop using the services of other foreign companies to make cheaper and better use of service of the country in the country.